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Call for better ability for patients

December 1, 2016

Call for better ability for patients

Call for better ability for patients to enter experimental trials. AstraZeneca and Vertex: Help save the lives of other Colon cancer patients in the name of Jen Kelly 



My name is Eamon. I live in Los Angeles and was lucky enough to find and marry the woman of my dreams last year. Six months after we exchanged our wedding vows, my wife Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. Now our days are spent fighting for her life and our future in a healthcare system that seems stacked against the very patients that need the most help.

Over the past year and a half, Jennifer has exhausted nearly every FDA-approved therapy for her cancer. And now the odds are stacked against us. Her cancer has spread from her colon to her liver. The likelihood of her surviving beyond the next 5 years has dropped to approximately 12%.

We were on the verge of losing hope, when her doctors made an important discovery. 

Jennifer has a particular gene mutation that makes it easier for cancer cells to survive chemotherapy treatment. There is a drug that can counteract this mutation and make it easier for chemotherapy to destroy her cancer cells. That drug is called an ATR inhibitor.

The ATR inhibitor won’t cure her cancer, but it can help shrink the tumors in her liver, giving her vital organ a chance to regain normal function.

AstraZeneca and Vertex are the two companies currently developing this class of ATR inhibitors. However, this drug is currently in the experimental phase and has yet to gain FDA approval. Due to current testing protocols, getting early access to medications during this trial phase is extremely difficult. Our requests have been met with denials and delays at every turn.

This effort to help my wife gain access to this drug is not a desperate shot in the dark. It is based on compelling clinical evidence, which is why her primary cancer doctor and other oncologists have taken up this cause on her behalf.

We’re willing to do anything it takes to get access to this needed drug. That’s why we’re asking for your help.

Please sign this petition to AstraZeneca and Vertex asking them to give my wife Jennifer the chance to try this drug. You can help her fight for her life — and our future.


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